The ultimate E85 XR6 turbo upgrade list

Running E85 is the dream for anyone with a turbocharged performance car.  But it does come with some draw backs.  One of the main ones is that you need to increase your fuel capabilities 35% over standard.  That being said, when you do switch to E85, you're probably doing so to run a LOT more boost, so you're going to need a whole heap more fuel on top of that as well.

Here is a list with a few options of every part of the upgrade neccessary to get the most our of your Ford Falcon XR6 turbo

1.The in tank fuel pump - Getting fuel from the factory fuel tank to your surge tank will require an upgraded pump due to the demand for more fuel.

Budget solution -

Premium solution -


2.  The surge tank - Instead of a universal tank, this specific xr6t designed tank bolts up the front of the car, and sits inline with the factory feed line.

Black -

Polished -


3. The main fuel pumps - Getting fuel out of the surge tank and to the fuel rails is the next step.  If you're running this type of setup, then you're chasing 2 of these bad boys!

Budget solution -

Premium solution -

(dont forget the mounting brackets either!)

Budget solution -

Premium solution -


4. Holding extra fuel is the key here, and thats why a billet fuel rail is fitted :  (other colours also available)




5. Out of the rail and into the engine!  Fuel is atomised into a fine spray by the fuel injectors, and with big horsepower and E85, you're going to need at least 1000cc

Genuine Bosch 1000cc Hi Imp (ID Injector Dynamics Style)

& the adapters to suit

6. Excess fuel that isnt used is returned out of the rail into the fuel pressure regulator.  To allow proper adjustment, and to flow the increase volume of fuel, this is also upgraded

Budget solution -

Premium solution -



Generally modification of this level to the fuel system would be undertaken when a large frame turbocharger is fitted, and supporting engine modifications.  If you have a much milder setup, we have other much simpler complete solutions available.