Toyota 2JZ sound compilation

The Toyota 2JZ 3.0L engine is the stuff of legends in the performance world, and you can find them being shoehorned into just about everything these days!

Take a look at this compilation from fullboost on some of the biggest and best 2JZ doing what they do best


EFI upgrade packages

Unsure of making the step to EFI?  Looking to upgrade to an aftermarket system but not sure where to start?

The easiest solution is to shoot us an email with some info (vehicle, engine type, fuel you want to run, expected power and vehicle use [street/drift/drag/etc]) and we can put together a package that will tick all the boxes.

Whatsmore, if you buy all your items at once, we can even work out a killer deal for you!


4 rotor walk around

You've probably all heard a 2 rotor engine, maybe even a 3 rotor.  But if you havent heard a 4 rotor engine, then you are missing out!

A sound almost reminiscent of an Forumula 1 race car, this 4 rotor engine is something else.

Which is faster a Bridgeport or a Peripheral Port?

In this video from racedaymedia, we can see a side by side comparison between a Mazda RX3 with a bridgeport 13B engine and an RX8 with a peripheral port 13B engine at one Australia's (if not the worlds) most famous race tracks, Bathurst.  To make matters even more interesting, these cars are owned and driven by the same person.  Major differences?  The RX3 has a major weight advantage Vs the RX8's peripheral port engine that can rev to 11,000 rpm Vs 9,500 for the RX3.

4 rotor double engine 13B powered tractor!

Thats right, it wasnt a typo!  Check out this twin engine 4 rotor tractor.  Its powered by two 13B engines joined in series.  Coupled together with a sprocket and chain, and coupled to a jatco automatic transmission and ford 9" diff, this tractor competes in tractor pull events where the name of the game is to haul a heavy weight over a certain distance in the fastest possible time.


Welcome to the all new …..

Hi, and welcome! We are back online with an all new look.  We still have a few images here and there to upload, so you may notice some not working.  Products are live and the online shop is ready for business.  Keep on checking back to see more an more great products added to the website over…
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BA / BF Ford Falcon radiator overflow / expansion tank

These items are plastic from factory, and it is common for them to deteriorate and crack.

A crack in this tank will lead to loss of water from your cooling system, loss of pressure, and your car overheating.  Or worse, engine damage in the form of blown head gasket or even a cracked head.

Dont risk it and replace it with one of these tanks today.  (also available in black)