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Toyota 2JZ sound compilation

The Toyota 2JZ 3.0L engine is the stuff of legends in the performance world, and you can find them being shoehorned into just about everything these days!

Take a look at this compilation from fullboost on some of the biggest and best 2JZ doing what they do best


EFI upgrade packages

Unsure of making the step to EFI?  Looking to upgrade to an aftermarket system but not sure where to start?

The easiest solution is to shoot us an email with some info (vehicle, engine type, fuel you want to run, expected power and vehicle use [street/drift/drag/etc]) and we can put together a package that will tick all the boxes.

Whatsmore, if you buy all your items at once, we can even work out a killer deal for you!


4 rotor walk around

You've probably all heard a 2 rotor engine, maybe even a 3 rotor.  But if you havent heard a 4 rotor engine, then you are missing out!

A sound almost reminiscent of an Forumula 1 race car, this 4 rotor engine is something else.

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